facebook 2009/08/14

spring is here 2009/03/22

come on out for the first official spring dj party on 4/9 @ wonderland in dc


dj party @ wonderland ballroom 2009/03/12

join us tonight for a dj party over at wonderland ballroom in dc.

big in canada 2009/01/23

post pop parade is currently #6 on the top ten electronic albums chart over at CFBX-FM in canada. Thanks for the support!

upcoming party/moto boy remix 2009/01/18

i'm back on the dj party kick. catch me on 02/12/2009 out at wonderland ballroom in dc. i'll be playing some of my favorite records.

also, i've gotten some email from people who are looking for the "young love" remix from last year. here's the link:

moto boy - young love (chris price remix)

winter 2008/11/14

winter work continues. the album is being added to more and more radio, which is really great. thanks to everyone for the positive support. in other news, we're actively working on several music placement gigs, so keep an eye out for ffwd to pop up in some new places shortly. as always, if you have an interest in licensing any music, don't hesitate to contact the publishing arm of our huge, ever-growing pulsating record machine.

back in the studio soon, and i couldn't be happier. in the meantime, promotion continues. send out your radio requests! buy the album! then, drop us a line...we're very lonely!

      CFBX Radio, Canada
      KALX, San Francisco CA
      Alooga Radio, Germany
      WUMD, Massachusetts
      KDHX-FM, St. Louis MO
      KISS FM, Australia
      Vibe FM, United Kingdom
      Radio Uniwersytet, Poland
      WFPK-FM 91.9, Louisville KY
      Musicatotal Radio, Portugal
      Radio Incontro, Italy
      WBGU 88.1 FM, Ohio
      CROCK-FM, France
      Radyo SDU, Turkey
      Soundwave FM, New Zealand
      The U, Missouri
      WZNZ Radio, Florida

more radio 2008/09/29

post pop parade has been added to more radio stations, shows, and websites:

      102.3 HFM, United Kingdom
      Radio Beckwith, Italy
      KUSF FM, San Francisco CA
      KISU-FM 91.1, Pocatello ID
      WFIT, Palm Bay FL
      Minsk Radio, Belarus
      Moving Hands, Sweden
      sobroken.com, Portland OR
      lounge-radio.com, Switzerland

cp on the radio 2008/09/09

post pop parade has been added into rotation on the following radio stations/shows:

      WXPN 88.5 FM (Y-Rock), Philadelphia PA
      PULS Radio, France
      XM Radio - The Move
      WFYI, Indianapolis IN
      ILR Television and Radio (ZFM), Australia
      BRTO Radio, Netherlands
      PBS FM 106-7, Australia
      Twirl Radio/The Voice of Sacramento, Sacramento CA
      KIX FM, Australia
      darkerradio, Germany
      Youthcomm Radio 106.7 FM, Worcester UK
      2NCR-FM Lismore, Australia
      Outsight Radio Hours

help us spread the word by calling or emailing these stations to request your favorite song from the album!

evolution promotion 2008/08/20

we're very pleased to announce that evolution promotion has recently been retained by future forward for promotion and marketing services. keep an eye out for many exciting things to come.

saturday 05/03 @ rnr hotel 2008/04/24

come join us saturday 05/03 for a free party night at the rock and roll hotel.

"Drawing inspiration from a diverse musical palette that includes electro, post-punk, synth-pop, house, and independent rock, DC artist and producer Chris Price offers up an evening of his favorite ass-shaking records and remixes of all time. The later it gets, the more beat-heavy it becomes, and by night's end you could easily find yourself having danced to The Fall, a Daft Punk acid house freak-out, the latest Boys Noize remix, and a 90's progressive house anthem all in one evening. This is accessible sleaze for the indie crowd with no plans of surrendering to mainstream radio anytime soon."

free, 930pm-230am, 21+. see you there.

moto boy remix 2008/02/24

the chris price remix of moto boy's "young love" single is now available. we are honored to have had the opportunity to work with mr. moto and the fine folks at swedish record label songs i wish i had written.

grab a free mp3 download of the "young love" remix then drop us a line or find us on myspace and let us know what you think.

moto boy - young love (chris price remix) (via songsiwish.com)
moto boy - young love (chris price remix) (via chris-price.com)

enjoy, and be sure to check out chris price's full-length debut album post pop parade while you're here!

updates 2008/02/11

if you're broke and in love, come hang out with us this thursday at the rock and roll hotel in D.C.

 i will be playing a bunch of 80's love songs as opposed to the usual assortment of indie pop and dance. it should be a fun time. a midnight seating has just been added, so make sure to reserve your seats asap if you're interested in joining us.

in related news, my weekly dj party is now a saturday monthly at the rock and roll hotel -- with the first being this saturday, 02/12! looking forward to great crowds, so come say hello and party with us.

here are a couple of links to some new features on the web, including an interview i did with a music blog site out of berlin:

The Fast Life: Post Pop Parade (w/interview)
Spacefood: Monday Dance Day
Waves at Night: Post Pop Parade

buy now from ffwd 2008/01/24

we've gotten several inquiries about purchasing cds from future forward. yes, in fact, you can buy post pop parade directly from us at our webstore ($12 USD). our "webstore" is very "sophisticated". basically, you can email us and let us know you want a cd. aside from the obvious benefit of getting to talk to us, we will also ship it to you for free. can't beat that.

if you're not into old school human interaction style shopping, you are, of course, always welcome to purchase cds from any of our fine online retail partners.

two new reviews 2008/01/24

two new mentions of Post Pop Parade on the web:

the beeb blog

happy new year 2008/01/10

trailer trash night is every thursday at the rock and roll hotel in washington, d.c. don't be fooled by the name -- the only things trailer trash about it are the pigs in a blanket and cheap booze. other than that, it's essentially a thursday night party with me playing indie rock, pop, and dance records.

i'll also be dj'ing the "not dead yet" party this friday, 01/11 -- also at the rock and roll hotel. again, it should be a fun time so drop in if you can! in the meantime, head on over and check out the new album.

XXX 2007/12/14

the culture of me has just posted a nice little piece about us and the album.

off the radar 2007/12/11

big thanks to off the radar for the positive review. "music to make love to" -- you nailed it, guys. nice one.

just kidding 2007/12/12

looks like we've got one more in us for 2007. see you all at trailer trash thursday on 12/27.

trailer trash: 12/06 2007/12/03

yep, last one of 2007. hope to see you out for a good time.

trailer trash: 11/29 2007/11/21

I want to see you here on 11/29. It's a free party at a superb bar. And, it's the holdays so you definitely need a couple of drinks and some good music. I'll be there playing records and turning water into Pabst Blue Ribbon, or something like that.

album of the week 2007/11/16

Post Pop Parade is album of the week over at And the Ass Saw the Angel.

If you're in the D.C. area, come out and say hi on the 29th for the final Trailer Trash Nite of the month. It's free and a great time.

Rock And Roll Hotel

catching up 2007/11/05

Upcoming performances @ Trailer Trash Thursdays:

2007/11/08 w/Juliette and the Licks downstairs
2007/11/15 w/Enon downstairs

Location: Hotel Bar (upstairs), Rock And Roll Hotel Washington D.C., USA.

Post Pop Parade featured here on Pardon My Freedom (French music blog).

trailer trash thursdays 2007/10/29

I'll be dj'ing in the hotel bar down at the awesome Rock And Roll Hotel in D.C. Check out their calendar for the skinny on the party.

bridges party 2007/10/18

FFWD will be hosting a party night over at Bridges in Fairfax, VA on the 23rd of October. I'll be dj'ing a bunch of independent and alternative rock/pop records. If you're in the area, come on out and say hello.

qbim q&a/giveaway 2007/09/17

I'm totally down with mp3/music blog promotion. Over the years, I have personally been turned onto a lot of great music via these sites, and 99% of the time I support the artists I discover by purchasing their records. Therefore, when someone approaches me about doing a feature, I'm more than happy to participate.

Quick Before it Melts is one such site. Here's the link to their recent Q&A with me, complete with a Post Pop Parade cd giveaway.

payplay.fm 2007/09/15

Up now! link.

iTunes 2007/09/03

Digital download of the album is up and running at iTunes.

cd baby 2007/08/07

POST POP PARADE is now available on CD Baby.

new website 2007/08/07

The new website is online. Finally! Hope you like it. I'll do my best to keep it updated with the latest news and information, so please check back often.

The big news of the moment, of course, is the release of POST POP PARADE. It's been a long time in the making, and we're super-excited about it. Please use the links and information on this website to become familiar with the album and what we're about here at Future Forward. Of course, we'd also love it if you bought some records and helped spread the word!

We always enjoy hearing from folks, so please don't hesitate to drop us a line with any questions, comments, or just to say hello.